FoodShare – Life Saver

It does appear that our world is getting used to living with the pandemic, though the impact is getting worse by the minute. New surge, more movement and gathering restrictions and several not so clarified guidelines and confusing makes the vulnerable more vulnerable.

At the Barnet FoodShare, we continue to see increase demand for food and financial support.  We have seen increasing over 70 year old people coming on the queue for food bags, so we send them back home and add them to our food delivery runs on either Wednesday or Saturday or both, depending on the size of their families. A new food kit with recipe for a family of four, put together by Bread & Butter organisation can be collected from One Stop Shop on Thursdays before 2pm.

We are pleased that we can continue to redistribute surplus good foods donated by local Stores through Neghbourly, FareShare Go and foods funded by Defra delivered by Felix Project and Barnet Council. Our food service to the community has been made possible by the moral supports from the Mayor of London’s Office, and financed with:

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