Children and Youth Ministry

HRH Prince Philip, Our Grand Patron

HRH Prince Philip’s generous philanthropy greatly benefitted many of us at Zone7 Youth Club in Grahame Park Estate through The Duke of Edinburgh Award. We also improved our leadership potentials during London Youth Residential training events.

“Although London is one of the world’s most prosperous cities, its wealth and advantages are far from equally distributed. His Royal Highness’ deep personal engagement with our work shone a light on the needs of those from tough reality backgrounds. In so doing, he helped to ensure that generations of young people were inspired to improve their life chances and so play a fulfilling role as citizens. He will be missed.  (Sir Ken Olisa, President of London Youth and Her Majesty the Queen’s Lord-Lieutenant for Greater London). 

He will truly be missed.                                                                           

         Zone7 Youth Team Leaders, 2018 – 2020 cohorts.

Zone7 Youth Work

Zone7 Youth Club consists of children & young people of ages 5 to 25, until recently raised to age 30, according to National Youth Agency. The club was formed by young people in 2000, and named by young people as Zone7 Youth Club, when the group moved from Notting Hill Housing Trust’s Adastral Village Community Centre to 7 The Concourse in 2002.  

Living Way Ministries establishes healthy and positive relationship that breeds trust.   We support children and young people to discover their potentials, exhaust those potentials and fulfill their purpose while developing healthy lifestyle. We provide intentional support for youths of ethnic minority background, to develop social and sustainability skills for better life chances during the twelve hours a week full of supplementary education to improve education performance, socially inclusive healthy eating activities, arts & crafts including music and dancing and sports activities. The game changing activities is now called Youth crEATe© since 2012, and firmly supported by John Lyon’s Charity.


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Zone7 Young People marking social distance spaces for theirs and others safety. They are compliant to the Government's regulations and NYA's guidelines. They continue to maintain a Covid-19 safe and secured premises. Well done.Thank you all.